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    Jean-Paul Orr
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    The Showreel have been creating Voiceover Demos for more than 25 years and are considered by many to be the “Number One” demo production company in London.

    But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve placed clients with: The Just Voices Agency, Hobson’s, Rhubarb, SVMK, Calypso, Vocal Point, Castaway, Earache Voices, Evans O’Brian, Excellent Voices, Red 24 Voices, Shining Management, Talking Heads, Sue Terry, Voice Bookers, Voice Squad, WAM Voices, and many more………

    These are some of London’s finest Voice Agencies. So, if they trust us to “record” their clients Demos – you can trust us to “record” yours.

    The vast majority of our business comes from referrals.

    We are also the only Voiceover Production Company that offers Voice Producer’s who specialises in Commercial, Drama, Narrative, Character, Animation and Documentary production all under one roof - we know what works!

    • Agent Pack - Commercial and Corporate/Narrative Demos - perfect for voice agents - £395
    • Character and Games Pack - perfect for games and animation - £395
    • Drama Pack Demo - perfect for acting agents and the BBC - £395
    • Commercial Pack - single Commercial demo - £295
    • Narrative Pack - single Narrative demo - £295
    • Spotlight Pack - Spotlight ready demo - £295
    • Update your Demo Package - £250

    We also offer a range of Workshops for people who want to learn more from our highly populate Voiceover Workshop to our Home Studio Workshops.

    Our recording studios are professionally designed and equipped rooms. This really makes a difference to the quality of the results.

    Please check out our website for more information.

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