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Please keep in mind that on our "Paid Jobs" section we guarantee our Premium Members offers that start from at least £55 per day, regardless the day being a performance or rehearsal. Anything below this rate will go on our "Opportunities" section.
Learn more about your legal obligations. If you are unsure what to pay performers, why not check Equitys suggested rates of pay.


Self Tape is only available for Paid jobs. Please provide a script or text sample with instructions for the actors.

Please Note: Self-taped auditions remain the property of the auditioning actor and are not to be made publicly available, broadcast, circulated or passed to third parties without the express written consent of the auditioning actor.

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When posting low or no pay productions on Casting Call Pro we recommend you sign:

The Protecting Actors Casting Agreement is a great way to display your commitment to the cast involved in your production by upholding basic standards of professionalism.

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All jobs on Casting Call Pro must have character information. Remember to include Age Range, Gender and any required Ethnicity, Accents and Physical Characteristics.

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