Shaun Amos

Shaun Amos



  • Year
  • 2013
    1 Year Acting
    Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
    2013, 1 Year Acting
    Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
  • 2011
    2 yr. Acting
    2011, 2 yr. Acting
    Exeter College

About me

I always try and push myself to be a brave and fearless actor. My passion and ability to work well with others has benefited my career greatly. I am an actor and writer striving to make powerful and compelling work. I am currently performing in the immersive experience 'The Crystal Maze' which is ridiculously fun. It also allows me to focus on my own projects. I'm now trying to build on my experience in acting and writing for film. I want to continue working with like-minded people who are eager to showcase new and exciting material.


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Cockney, Dorset, Essex, Liverpool, London, Northern Irish, Scottish, Standard, South London, Southern England, Yorkshire
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Californian, General American, Midwest Farm & Ranch, New York City, Southern American, Texas
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Australian, Dublin, French, Indian, Irish, Italian, Nigerian, Spanish, Thai
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Comedy, Commercials, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Improvisation, Music Videos, Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TV
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Comedy, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional)
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