Mary Farragher

Mary Farragher


Age Range
56 - 62
5' 8" (1m 73cm)
10st. 10lb. (68kg)
Hair Colour
Eye Colour



  • Year
  • 1993
    Post Graduate Acting

About me

Formal stuff first:

I am a mature character actress with a low, sympathetic but authoritative speaking voice. I am grey haired, but by no means a typical "little old lady" either in stature or in presence.

I trained as a mature student at GSA, completing the Postgraduate course, having (amazingly) gained a grant from my local authority.

It was always emphasised that one shouldn't mention work one had done before graduating, which is why all the roles I had taken on have never figured on my professional CV.

Please excuse the following list - I needed to show that I have a considerable acting background apart from the professional work I have done. If you don't want to read the list, look away now.

My theatre roles include, in no particular order, Fay in Joe Orton's 'Loot', Eva in Peter Whelan's 'The Accrington Pals', Third Juror in Reginald Rose's 'Twelve Angry Men' (an all woman cast), Lady Rumpers in Alan Bennett's 'Habeas Corpus', Mother Peter in Mary O'Malley's 'Once a Catholic', Feletti in Dario Fo's 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist', Clara and Annie (at different times) in J B Priestley's 'When We Are Married', Cynthia in Tom Stoppard's 'The Real Inspector Hound', Bernarda in Lorca's 'The House of Bernarda Alba', and Viola in 'Twelfth Night'.

Additional Information

More personal stuff now:

My family is very large and scattered over Ireland, England, the United States and Australia. As can be told by my surname, my parents were Irish Catholic, from County Mayo. My mother has always helped me with my Irish accent, when it was called for.

I do not look my age.

My background was in secondary education as a teacher of French.
I have a facility with accents and an excellent concentration span. It is important to me to work hard and to contribute to the ensemble of any company.

I'm a dog lover. Perhaps I should state that dogs are a bit of a passion, but perhaps I shouldn't. I'm not the eccentric dog lover type, I hasten to add. I don't tend to have cats, not because I don't like them but because I can't bear all the dead birds.

My garden is very important to me, particularly in spring, with all the colour and the delight of seeing old friends one had forgotten. I don't look after it enough, though.

I have been unrepresented for a few years now, since my agent (Jacky Leggo, from St James' Management) retired.

Additional Skills

Things I can do:

Some computer skills, and notably a fast typing speed, about 90wpm. New technology does tend to baffle me, notably Facebook and Twitter, but I'm beginning to wrestle with those, and emailing is fine. My BSL signing skills are a little rusty, but relatively competent. My Spanish is also rather rusty. The point is that I would be able to master a script in either BSL or Spanish. And, of course, in French, in which I am still relatively fluent. During the past few years, I took a course in A Level Maths and managed to get a C grade. I am also a driver. Would anyone like to know that I can also ride a wobbly bike?


Skin Colour
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Native accent
Accents (UK)
English, standard, Estuary English, Northern Working Class, RP, Wiltshire
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General American
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Commercials, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), TV, Voice Over
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Commercials, Film (Student), Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TV, Voice Over
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