Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan


  • Year
    Role / Type
    Name of Production / Director
    Company / Venue
  • 2013
    Hobo Jesus
    Film (Short)
    Hobo Jesus
    Benjamin Parry
    Ben Parry Productions
  • 2012
    Michael Tight
    Tight Rider
    Paul carder
  • 2012
    Sherlock / Mycock Bones
    Film (Feature)
    Sherlock Bones
    Rick Bush
  • 2010 - 2011
    Escaped convict Stanton
    Film (LB)
    Grave Tales
    Don Fearney
  • 2009
    Pub Landlord
    Film (Short)
    Ivory Tower Enterntainment
  • 2009
    Hitman5 & other male cast - Motion capture
    Hitman5 Video Game
    IO Interactive
  • 2008
    Introduction of the series
    Voice Over
    Sebcam TV
    Sebcam TV
  • 2008
    Fools for Love by Sam Shepard
    Tristan Bates
  • 2007
    Manga Subject
    Still Photos
    125 Magazine Shoot
    Finlay McKay
    Marco Santucci Photography
  • 2006 - 2007
    Upstairs neighbour
    Film (Student)
    Andy Laas
    Las Vegas Films
  • 2007
    Lion character based advert
    Israeli Crisp Commercial
    Udi Soffer
    Shoshi & Udi productions
  • 2006
    Serial Killer
    Madam Tussaud's Serial Killers Live
    Rico Patel
  • 2006
    Frank Bernadino
    Film (Short)
    The Corpse Wore White
    Mike Hallett
    Mica Films
  • 2005 - 2006
    Dr Screw/B Nasty
    Dr Screw
    Sam Stonehill & Mr C
    Playboy TV
  • 2006
    Kyle Cooper
    Hanrahan Investigates
    Debbie Kendal
    Channel 5
  • 2006
    Wyatt - Martial Arts Fighter
    Film (Feature)
    Fight Night
    Chris Morgan
    Bloody Scary Movies


  • Year
  • 2008
    Voice Over Training
    Bernard Shaw
    2008, Voice Over Training
    Bernard Shaw
  • 2008
    Acting Skills
    2008, Acting Skills
    The Actor's Centre
  • 2006
    Scare and intimidation skills
    Scare School, Madame Tussaud's
    2006, Scare and intimidation skills
    Scare School, Madame Tussaud's
  • 2001
    Presenter's course
    2001, Presenter's course
  • 1998
    Black belt - Aikido & Ju-Jitsu
    Spirit Combat International
    1998, Black belt - Aikido & Ju-Jitsu
    Spirit Combat International
  • 1996
    Close protection - basic & intermediate
    Excel Securities
    1996, Close protection - basic & intermediate
    Excel Securities
  • 1987
    Basic Mililtary, Sniper, Photographer
    Britsh Army
    1987, Basic Mililtary, Sniper, Photographer
    Britsh Army

About me

I'm a Actor in my forties, and have had many careers since leaving school, from serving in British armed forces for 3 years and having completed 2 tours of N.I in the late 80's saw my fair share of action, having moved to London and followed initially in the career path of corporate and private security work, I then decided that an acting career was my true calling, so worked and trained within the film and tv world, doing courses at the acting centre when I could, and working as a supporting artist for 10 years, I have recently worked as Spact on Secret Service with Colin firth and Samuel l jackson., I played Michael Tight in Tight Rider the series, and Sherlock Bones for TVX ,Crimewatch reconstruction on the Madeline McCann case, I have also recently starred along side Brian Murphy in the Horror Film Grave Tales. Playing a serial killer on the run, which you can see excerpts from on my showreel which is on my spotlight page.

Additional Skills

Having been part of the Spax team on wraith of the titans, and Kick Ass2, and Centurion, and being trained in martial arts over the last 20 years, i believe have helped me look good on camera and fight scenes and doing my own stunts has been something I've always enjoyed doing, so am never scared to take on new challenges and roles and training to make a scene look great....


Skin Colour
Hair Length
Short to Medium
Native accent
Accents (UK)
Cockney, Cornish, Devon, Dorset, London, Northern Irish, RP, Scottish, Standard, Somerset, South London
Accents (North American)
Canadian, General American, New York City
Accents (International)
Irish, Italian
Languages Spoken
English, Italian
Interested in
Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Modelling, Music Videos, Presenting, Radio, TV, Voice Over
Experienced in
Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Presenting, Radio, TV, Voice Over
General Dance Skills
Musical Skills
Organisation Membership
Stage Combat Skills
Driving Licences
Standard, Motorcycle, Precision Driver
Perform nude?
Only Professionally