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    *All Music used on our Demos are provided by FreePlay & Copyright FREE*

    The Showreel have been creating Voiceover Demos for more than 25 years and are considered by many to be the “Number One” demo production company in London.

    But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve placed clients with: The Just Voices Agency, Hobson’s, Rhubarb, SVMK, Calypso, Vocal Point, Castaway, Earache Voices, Evans O’Brian, Excellent Voices, Red 24 Voices, Shining Management, Talking Heads, Sue Terry, Voice Bookers, Voice Squad, WAM Voices, And many more………

    These are some of London’s finest Voice Agencies. So, if they trust us to “record” their clients Demos – you can trust us to “record” yours.

    As a "working" Production studio, we work with some of the "best voices" on the London scene on a day-to-day basis. This has shown us what clients and agents want to hear not only on a demo, but also in a session.

    We will happily share this "insider information" with you in the studios to ensure you record a demo that actually stands you a chance of getting work in today's climate.

    We are also the only Voiceover Production Company that offers Voice Producer’s who specialises in Commercial, Drama, Narrative, Character, Animation and Documentary production all under one roof and with over 8,000 Demos under our belt, we have a “recipe” that works!

    We have too many Demo & Training Packages to list here, but here are a few of them:

    • 1 Day Introduction to Voiceover Workshop £99
    • 2 Day Character Voiceover Workshop £55
    • 1 Day Intensive Voiceover Workshop £65
    • 1 Day Home Studio Workshop £99
    • Spotlight/CCP Demo Package £150
    • Drama Graduate Demo Package £150

    • Update your Demo Package £200
    • Agent Demo £375
    • Radio Drama Demo £375
    • 1-2-1 Training Packages £54

    And MORE………………………..

    For more information and prices, just visit our website:

    A word on using Music in your Demo!!

    The internet has changed, and it’s no longer acceptable to just upload your demo to any website and start “selling” your voice without the correct copyright “music” clearance.

    The use of music in Voice Demos has been a “grey” area for many years, but now it’s becoming clearer that as the internet is expanding, there are certain basic rules that must be followed unless you want to get into serious trouble and end up paying a BIG fine for “taking a risk” and thinking no one will find you.

    The internet IS a big place and due to new technology, it’s now a lot easier to find “unlicensed” music used in Voice Demos.

    Companies are now targeting voice over artists regarding their demos, and the websites that host voice over demos, for unauthorized use of music. These companies are sending letters and emails to voice artists and website owners regarding music on demos that have not been properly licensed, and requesting substantial statutory damage payments under the U.S. & U.K Copyright Act for infringement. Some music library companies allow free personal use of its music and sound effects library, but NOT for profit-making purposes or web broadcast.

    So how can you put your demo on your website without getting in trouble?

    Introducing FreePlay Music
    The Freeplay Music Library, is a comprehensive collection of High End Broadcast production music spanning all the popular musical genres, now available for use on voiceover demos if the correct license is acquired.

    And guess what? – we have that LICENSE!

    We’ve paid for an exclusive Voice Over Demo License from Freeplay Music that allows us and our clients ( you ) to record a voice over demo with internet copyright clearance. In other words, our license ( unlike other UK demo companies ) allows you to record a demo with us and put it on your website without being sued. – Phew!

    If you decide to record with any other UK voiceover demo company, Please make sure they have a license to use their music on the web or you WILL get into trouble and have to remove your demo.

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