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TV Show Database : Seconds from disaster

Seconds From Disaster is a documentary television series that investigates certain man-made disasters and several natural disasters in modern history, and analyzes the causes and events that led up to each disaster.

Production Company: National Geographic Channel

Year Written: 2004

Companies connected with this show
Darlow Smithson
National Geographic
Members of Casting Call Pro who have had jobs with Seconds from disaster
2013 Peter Y Kyei, Various characters
Seconds From Disaster
Darlow Smithson Productions
2012 Ronnie Brandon, James Byrnes/Sec State
Seconds from Disaster: Nagasaki
National Geographic channel
Junichi Kajioka, Kyu Sakamoto
Seconds From Disaster: JAL123 plane crash
Darlow Smithson
Alan Low, Kyu's Manager
Seconds From Disaster: JAL123 plane crash, JAL123
Darlow Smithson
Leo Ashizawa, Yutaka Sasaki
Seconds From Disaster: JAL123 plane crash
Darlow Smithson
Adam Tabraham, Lt Col Danny McKnight
Seconds From Disaster: Black Hawk Down
National Geographic / Darlow Smithson
Junichi Kajioka, Train conductor
Seconds From Disaster: Amagasaki JR train crash
Darlow Smithson
Alan Low, Nikkin K Supervisor
Seconds From Disaster: Amagasaki JR train crash, Amagasaki Train Crash
Darlow Smithson
Simeon Willis, Capt. David hart Dyke
Seconds From Disaster Season 6 - Sinking the Coventry
Darlow Smithson Productions
Jamie Bannerman, Jeff cook (pilot)
Seconds from disaster episode chinook
Darlow Smithson productions
Jonathan Baynham, Johannes Dalen Giske
Seconds From Disaster Documentary
Darlow-Smithson Productions
Jadran Malkovich, Michael Durant
Seconds from Disaster Black Hawk Down
Darlow Smithson Production
Zee Filho, Argentinian Pilot and Passenger
Seconds from Disaster 6: Episode Chinook (National Geographic)
Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd
Sophie Flack, Ma
Seconds From Disaster (Series 6)
Darlow Smithson Productions / National Geographic
Billy Rayner, Sgt. William Barney
Seconds from Disaster (Nagasaki), Season 5, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Darlow Smithson
Ken Birk, Kasim
Seconds from Disaster (Mumbai Attacks)
Darlow Smithson Productions
Wai Wong, Satoshi Ogura
SECONDS FROM DISASTER (Amagasaki Train Crash), Season 6
Darlow Smithson
Aaron Ly, 'Cool Dude' (Passenger)/Stunts
SECONDS FROM DISASTER (Amagasaki Train Crash)
Darlow Smithson
Marco Aponte, Argentinean Pilot
Seconds from Disaster - Episode: Sinking the Coventry
Darlow Smithson (National Geographic)
Clive Linthorne, Passenger
Seconds from Disaster - Chinook
Darlow Smithson