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TV Show Database : Fur TV

Fur TV peeps into the lives of three dirty, rotten puppets, Mervin, Lapeno and Fat Ed

Production Company: MTV ONE

Year Written: 2002

Companies connected with this show
Members of Casting Call Pro who have had jobs with Fur TV
2009 Kate G. Laycy, Elsie
Fur TV, Episode 8
Warp Films
Paul McNeilly, Dave
Fur TV
MTV/Warped Films
2008 Steel Wallis, Mervin (human)
Fur TV
Christopher Sciueref, Bruno
Fur TV, Season 1, Episode 3, Fur and loathing
Warp Films
Cassandra Bell, Dr. Vanessa Serious
Fur T.V.
MTV Productions
2004 Caridad Angus, Lapeno Girl
Fur TV