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TV Show Database : Saints and Scroungers

Dominic Littlewood follows fraud officers as they bust the benefits thieves stealing millions of pounds every year, while charities and councils track down people who actually deserve government help

Production Company: The Flame Group

Year Written: 2009

Companies connected with this show
Flame Television Production
Members of Casting Call Pro who have had jobs with Saints and Scroungers
2014 Simon DeSilva, Alfred William Wells - Principle Actor
Saints and Scroungers, Season 6, Episode 17
Flame Television
Darren Rose, Stephen Oakley
Saints And Scroungers, Season 6, Episode 9
Flame TV
Darren Rose, Pete Childs s6 ep1
Saints And Scroungers, Season 6, Episode 1
Flame TV
Dean Kilbey, Craig Miles
Saints and Scroungers, Season 3
Flame tv for the BBC
Simon DeSilva, Thomas Kiely - Principle Actor
Saints and Scroungers
Flame Television
Chandru Bhojwani, Saeed Yusuf
Saints and Scroungers, Season 6
2013 Karlina Grace, Melissa Urquhart
Saints and Scroungers, Season 5, Melissa Urquhart
Flame TV Productions
Sean Perera, Younus Algohar
Saints And Scroungers
Flame Productions
Jane Hayward, Susan Cohen
Saints and Scroungers
Chandru Bhojwani, Mohammed
Saints and Scroungers, Season 5
Chandru Bhojwani, Tax Dodger
Saints and Scroungers, Season 5
Flame TV
Amey St Cyr, Ihenacho Bell-Gamm
Sean Perera, Ali
Saints And Scroungers, Season 5, Episode 6
Flame Television Production
Jerry Anderson, Wildman -
Saints and Scroungers, Episode 1
Flame TV for BBC
Sean Perera, Natarajan
Saints And Scroungers, Season 5, Episode 19, Garlic & Gold
Flame TV
Simon Britton, Dr. Werner Muller
Saints & Scroungers, Season 5
BBC/Flame Television
Kerry McAleese, Jacqueline Fox
Saints & Scroungers
Flame TV
Roger Sansom, Dr Atkinson
Saints & Scroungers
Flame TV
2012 Nigel Genis, Scrounger
Saints and Scroungers
Carrie-Louise Knight, Jury/Dock Model
Saints and Scroungers, Season 4
Flame TV/BBC