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Play Database : The Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters
Author Anton Chekhov
Overview Based in a small Russian town at the turn of the 20th Centaury, the play tells the story of the Prozorov sisters, Olga, Irina, and Masha (the 3 sisters of the title) and their brother Andrei, over the period of seven years. They all live together in the home they have shared from when their father (now deceased) was posted to the village. They spend their time dreaming of returning to the cosmopolitan life they lived in Moscow, seeking solace in the little society they can find in the form of the Soldiers that are posted in the area and the now ineffectual doctor Chebutykin.

Through the course of the play we see the transition of each Prozorov sibling. Andrei marries provincial girl Natalya, who starts taking over and running the family, while he squanders his early potential through gambling. Also, unbeknown to him Natalya commits adultery. Masha begins a romantic affair with Vershinin, an army officer with a sick and suicidal wife. A fire rages through the town and Dr Chebutykin is unable to help anyone. While Irina the most optimistic of the sisters, loses her chance of starting a new life when her fiancée is killed in a duel at the close of the play, just before the soldiers were to be reposted.
Play Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: The Three Sisters
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Members of Casting Call Pro who have been involved in The Three Sisters
2014 David Carlyle, Tusenbach
Three Sisters
Southwark Playhouse Sadie Pepperrell, Masha
Three Sisters
CSSD Vlada Lemeshevska, Olga
Three Sisters Emily Swatton, Irena
Three Sisters
tThe Studios Sydney Aldridge, Masha
Three Sisters
Grange Court Theatre
2013 Gavin Shankland, Tusenbach
Three Sisters Alexander Guiney, Kuligin
Three Sisters
New Diorama Chloe Stent, Irina
Three Sisters
GSA Frances Knox, Irina
Three sisters
RSCSAD Richard Delaney, Solyony (Soleni)
Three Sisters
The New Diorama Theatre Jamie Scott Gordon, Tuzenbach
Three Sisters
Oran Mor Kate Sawyer, Olga
Three Sisters
New Diorama Theatre Alan Flower, Baron Tuzenbach
Three Sisters
Trinity Leeds Anna-Maria Nabirye, Anfisa
Three Sisters
New Diorama Theatre Libby Wattis, Anfisa
Three Sisters
Arts@trinity Leeds Brian Fileman, Ferapont
Three Sisters
Arts@Trinity Matt Sheppard, Vershinin
Three Sisters
Grange Court Theatre Anna McKiernan, IRINA
RCS Helen Fullerton, Natasha
Three Sisters
Holy Trinity Church Jonny McPherson, Vershinin
Three Sisters