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Play Database : Cowboy Mouth

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Cowboy Mouth
Author Sam Shepard
Written 1971
Overview The play is about Cavale and Slim, two absolute messes living in sin together. Unable to move, yet at complete unrest, Slim swings from blaming Cavale for the disaster that is his life to begging her to tell him stories about French poets. Cavale is a former mental patient of some kind. She remembers electric shocks and having to wear metal plates around her club foot when she was younger. She also muses about playing the ugly duckling as a child, being forced into the role without even the satisfaction of emerging as a beautiful swan at the end. The two call on the Lobster Man for sustenance and entertainment. It's a play full of dichotomies, and easy swings from one extreme mindset to another. It theorizes that the American Dream does little more for the individual besides spoil his happiness.
Characters Here we list known characters.
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27Cavale15Slim2The Lobsterman


Members of Casting Call Pro who have been involved in Cowboy Mouth
2014 Craig Hamilton, Slim
COWBOY MOUTH by Sam Shepard
Lumley Theatre Jessica Warshaw, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Kat Ronson, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth
2013 Michael Tonkin-Jones, Slim
Cowboy Mouth
2012 Sarah-Louise Browning, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth
East 15 Acting School Amélie Edwards, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Jake Sharp, Slim
Cowboy Mouth Joseph Miller, Slim
Cowboy Mouth
East 15 School Natalie Hartstone, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Harriet Layhe, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth
East 15 Acting School Tristan Rogers, Slim
Cowboy Mouth Emma Spearing, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Owen Clark, Slim
Cowboy Mouth
Espace 4001 Sarah Anson, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Kate Hunter, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Annie McKenzie, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Leigh-Anne Gilbert, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Samantha Alice, Cavale
Cowboy Mouth Luke Shepherd, Slim
Cowboy Mouth
East 15 Acting School Adam Bellamy, Slim
Cowboy Mouth