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Play Database : The Caretaker


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The Caretaker
Author Harold Pinter
Written 1960
Overview The Caretaker was first produced in London in 1960 and was Harold Pinter's first major success as a dramatist. It has three characters, the brothers Aston and Mick and the tramp Davies. Aston, who it is revealed has suffered from mental illness and undergone electric shock treatment, invites Davies into his house after rescuing him when he's about to be beaten up.
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Members of Casting Call Pro who have played: Aston
On average, the playing age of actors cast in this role is : 36.
100% of the time, this character is played by a male.

Robert Boyle

Paul Nolan

Richard Stemp

Nick Murray Brown

Edward Thorpe

Matthew Weyland

Nathan Parkin

Daniel Copeland

Richard Banks

Richard Stemp

Alistair Scott

Chris Beaumont

Michael Lawrence-Kil...