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Play Database : Fame - The Musical

Carmen Diaz

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Fame - The Musical
Author David De Silva, Jose Fernandez, Steve Margoshes and Jacques Levy
Written 1988
Setting USA
Overview De Silva was fascinated by New York's High School for Performing Arts and created first the 1980 film about how the dedicated students there were inspired by the arts.

Many people believe it is directly based on the 1980 Alan Parker movie, but it is actually meant to take place in 1984 AFTER the movie came out. It is referred to several times in the script and in two songs.
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27Carmen Diaz8Iris Kelly15Joe Vegas
11Lambchops11Mabel Washington9Miss Bell
8Miss Sherman18Nick Piazza7Schlomo
7Schlomo Metzenbaum18Serena Katz8Tyrone Jackson


Members of Casting Call Pro who have played: Carmen Diaz
On average, the playing age of actors cast in this role is : 20.
100% of the time, this character is played by a female.

Hollie Cassar

Bethany Filler

Rebecca-Jade Gibson

Danielle Agar

Maria Lara

Sophie-Louise Craig

Alice Bowden

Samantha Carrie Smith

Elodie Lawrence

Melissa Moore

Jennifer Dommeck

Djalenga Scott

Rhiannon Sarah Porter

Kathryn Eleri Wilson

Lavinia Kastamoniti

Jessie Folley

Stephanie Baillie

Jemma Gannon

Jessica Walford

Andrea Crewe

Emma Hatton

Abbey Addams

Helen Power

Sophie Jewitt

Abbey Addams

Elysia Lawrence

Lucy Williamson

Kristina Linder