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Topic: Audition Songs
Posted : 10/05/06 / Views : 1594 / Replies : 3 /

I'm looking for two songs which I can do in auditions that haven't been done too many times. The two songs that I have under my belt is Memory, from Cats (but I think that may have been done till the death) and Fame (but is that a bit too cheesy?)

I'm not going to be auditioning for musicals, as my singing voice isn't THAT good, but I thought I'd best have something for pantomime auditions and the like.


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Posted : 01/06/06
Hi Sue
For Panto's and things similar to that they usually like you to sing pop or disney for the audition.
But for other auditions it depends what theyre for on what song to sing!
What kind of auditions were u thinking for?
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Posted : 01/06/06
Blake J Askew
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A good idea is for you to choose character songs like "Little Girls" from annie, "When youre good to mama" from Chicago

All the belty songs.."Eevrythings coming up roses" etc...those ae the good ones that also suit your look...

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