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Passing of the Bridle

Passing of the Bridle

2012, 15 minutes

A short period drama set in 1960s Wales, centred around one family embroiled in the changing social attitudes of the time.

'Passing of the Bridle' is a short film set in 1960s Wales, and centres around one family embroiled in the changing social attitudes of the time. Phil Davies, like his father before him, works in the Ebbw Vale steelworks. At the time, the steelworks was one of the largest in Europe, and was the centre of a large working-class community. If you didn't work in the steelworks, you were associated with it in some way. Phil's passion, like many of his friends, is amateur horse breeding. This passion provides a welcome reprieve from the industrial nature of his work. His son, Stefan, is approaching the school leaving age. Phil fully expects Stefan to follow him into a steady job in the steel industry, but Stefan and Phil's more progressive wife Winna have other ideas. Stefan has the potential for a continued career in education, but at what cost? Phil is faced with a choice. Will he be able to shelve his community pride and make a great personal sacrifice to offer his son a shot at a better life?


 Video Clips
Title: The Beginning
Standard Clip
Dimension: 640 x 360
Running time: 49 seconds

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Holly Kenyon, Victoria Brown
Like Father
Group 6 Films
Michael Wisniewski, Trevor Morgan
Passing of the Bridle
Group 6 Films
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Timothy Wilson, Composer
Passing of the Bridle
Newport Film School