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Casting Call Pro is the leading online recruitment resource for the professional acting community in the UK. Over 35,000 professional actors and 3000+ casting directors, agents, theatres, filmmakers and production companies use our site everyday to cast actors.

Advertising on Casting Call Pro is extremely competitive. In fact, no other site provides a direct route to so many UK acting professionals and companies at such preferable rates!

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at our website statistics.

"I've advertised with Casting Call Pro for several years now, because as a hub for the vast majority of working actors in the UK, doing so raises general brand awareness within the industry and, just as importantly, brings clients to my studio." Michael Wharley Photography.

Website StatisticsJanuary
Page Impressions3,027,020
Site Members50,650

Advertising Options



Noticeboard plus Newsletter

Banners can be animated or static and appear run of site on the right hand side.
  • Cost £40+VAT per week.
  • Bundle discounts available.
  • 120x120 pixels, animated or static, gif file.
  • Photographers require a minimum of 2 CCP member headshot clients.
Noticeboard is where CCP members regularly search for training, photographers, special offers, equipment & innovative products.
  • Cost £20+VAT per month.
  • Sign up for 6 consecutive months or more and receive 10% discount.
  • Create text based listings including a title (up to 70 characters), summary (up to 250 characters) and a detailed description (no character restriction, plus you can include basic html)
Noticeboard plus gives you the opportunity to say more - with no copy limit. We'll also maximise your exposure by inclusion in our member newsletter.
  • Cost £70+VAT per month.
  • Create text based Noticeboard listings.
  • Plus your notice will be featured (once) in our next bi-weekly newsletter to circa 30,000 members. Please contact to confirm the date the next newsletter will be published.
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To advertise your product on Casting Call Pro or discuss other ways that we may be able to promote your company contact us on 020 7288 7404 or

"Casting Call Pro is my favourite place to advertise for my headshot business as I get a great deal of exposure to my target market. Whenever I have needed to discuss something with Casting Call Pro, they have contacted me back immediately and kindly helped answer any questions I had!" Kirstin Reddington.


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