Durassie Kiangangu

Durassie Kiangangu



  • Year
  • 2008
    3 yr. Acting
    The Academy of Science of Acting and Directing (ASAD)
    2008, 3 yr. Acting
    The Academy of Science of Acting and Directing (ASAD)

About me


Although having a particularly youthful and clean appearance, playing range can easily fluctuate between 18-28.

Very drawn towards characters that are psychologically complex with distinguishable dark elements to their traits.

London trained Swede, Who for the past 3 years have mainly been oriented towards Film Acting. Apart from pursuing the art field he partly lives for Traveling and learning Languages. Has got a very keen ear for picking up phonetic sounds in various languages and making them sound local. Also a bit of a self confessed Art Geek :)

Additional Information


-Speaks Spanish and German up to a basic conversational standard.
-And some basic Portuguese.

-Although not fluent in these three languages does however posses a good/ convincing pronunciation of the words and phrases.

Workshops-leader experience at International Youth Theatre Festivals, in Holland and Belgium. Teaching multinational groups of teenagers between ages 14-18


Lysistrata. From The British Theatre Guide May 29th 2009 by Kevin Quarmby.

Moments of comedy do ensue, especially when the Gossard Wonderbra'd Maria Gray as Myrrhine excites her husband Cinesias (played wonderfully by Durassie Kiangangu) into priapic panic. Cleavages and groins grind in ecstatic glee, Cinesias left to writhe in agony as his wife withholds her charms just long enough to force her husband, and all the other males, into a peaceful conclusion to the years of battle.

I have had the opportunity to work with Durassie on two occasions.
I find him to be a creative devisor, disciplined actor, and a skilled mover.

During our staging of Lysistrata, he always brought a positive energy into the rehearsal space. He was respectful, patient and helpful, hard working, and professional. Durassie was relentless in his search for a truthful performance – often taking risks and asking questions.

Secondly, I worked with him in the capacity of film for a short trailer. This particular trailer had no words, just movement. A lot of it was devised and Durassie suggested many original ideas based around his understanding of the piece, but he was also flexible which enhanced the collaboration process.

From subtle facial expressions to bold sweeping gestures, he knows what will work on screen intuitively and is driven by emotion. He takes direction well and understands the process of filming on location.

He is a versatile actor, a graceful mover adept at learning choreography and a joy to work with. I look forward to collaborating with him again and I believe him to be an asset to any cast.

Kaitlin Argeaux
Artistic Director of Théâtre Libre

Additional Skills


Capable Mover/Dancer. Ability to pick up coreographies fairly quickly.


Intermediate. Experienced in teaching basic yoga.

STAGE COMBAT trained: Diploma/Distinction

Mainly a Humoristic Caricature/Cartoon style.

Juggling: Basic

Experienced in Athlete Sports.
80-100 Metre Running, Long Jumping and Height Jumping. Was (during school) price rewarded in both Height and Long Jumping.

Can perform straight rope climbing, both with and without using his feet.


Skin Colour
Hair Length
Bald / Crew Cut
Native accent
Accents (UK)
Cockney, English, standard, London, RP
Accents (North American)
Californian, Canadian, General American, New York City, Southern American
Accents (International)
African (South), African (West), Brazilian, Latin American, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish
Languages Spoken
Interested in
Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Music Videos, Online, Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, TV, Voice Over
Experienced in
Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Music Videos, Rehearsed Readings, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TV, Voice Over
General Dance Skills
Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz, Latin American, Tango, Tap
Stage Combat Skills
Facial Characteristics
Goatee, Moustache
Perform nude?
Only Professionally