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Displaying the last 10 voicereels uploaded to Casting Call Pro (Canada).

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Voice Demo
uploaded by Laura Mannion on 2014/07/26
played 0 times
Voice Demo 1
uploaded by Sheldon Jeans on 2014/06/10
played 16 times
Monologue from "Wasted Tale...
uploaded by Ian Wilson on 2014/06/08
played 14 times
Voice Demo
uploaded by Amanda McKnight on 2014/04/15
played 32 times
Drew Chale's Voice Demo
uploaded by Drew Chale on 2014/03/15
played 16 times
Audio Demo
uploaded by Sundance Nagrial on 2014/03/08
played 25 times
Animation Demo Reel
uploaded by Sarah Cleghorn on 2013/12/09
played 27 times
uploaded by Eve Sévigny on 2013/10/27
played 58 times
Commercial voicereel
uploaded by Louise van der Post on 2013/10/04
played 60 times
God is One. Original compos...
uploaded by Dov Elmaleh on 2013/03/12
played 224 times
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Drew Chale
Member Drew Chale
Name Drew Chale's Voice Demo
Created By Independently Produced by Drew Chale
Plays 16
Rating Awaiting more members' feedback.